Our Story

NĀ KOA DEVELOPMENT LLC was founded by Kahanu Noa and Guyton Galdeira. Two guys born and humbly-raised in the islands of Hawaii. Kahanu and Guyton played football together in high school (Kamehameha Schools) and college (University of Hawaii). After school, they both discovered that they had a shared-passion for real estate and helping the people of Hawaii. As Native Hawaiian businessmen, Kahanu and Guyton saw the balance needed between capitalism and environmental preservation in the real estate development industry. Thus, Na Koa Development was born.

Kahanu Noa


Kahanu Noa possesses income properties on the islands of Hawaii, Maui & Oʻahu. Since acquiring his first property in 2012, he has actively participated in the development of vacant lots as well as new construction in the residential and commercial spaces in Hawaii.

Kahanu’s calling to help the people of Hawaii find housing stems from a childhood spent in perpetual transition. Growing up on the Westside of Oʻahu, he lived in housing developments, on aunties couches, and ultimately with his tutu. It was not until boarding at Kamehameha Schools did he have a room and a bed of his own. Growing up this way gives one the resilience and freedom from material things that few youth of today can appreciate. Nowadays, Hawaii’s children have more things than ever before, and despite cell phones and social media, Hawaii’s families are extremely disconnected.

A home is the piko of a family. It is a place to come together, share culture and learn one’s history, and a safe haven when times are hard. Without a home, the family is adrift like a boat without an anchor. With that, Kahanu sees himself as a modern-day wayfinder. Hawaiian navigators once used a map of the stars to take people to far off destinations of which they could not see. The way was rife with obstacles such as storms, surf, and windless days which challenged travelers and sometimes seemed insurmountable. The navigator must not only meet these challenges, but maintain the trust of the travelers. Because to make it, you must first believe that it is possible. If you follow the way that has been mapped out, you can reach the destination. Ultimately, having a home that your family can call their own is more than a destination, it is paradise.

"Pūpūkahi i holomua."

Unite to move forward.


Guyton Galdeira


Guyton is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful start-up ventures in the Fashion/Apparel, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries.  Guyton continues to seek and add value in providing solutions, innovation, and results to any challenge that serves the greater good. Having a mission-oriented approach, fostering relationships, developing staff, creating value chain systems, and executing simple business strategies have been the key factors that have contributed to his various start-up successes.


"If anyone is going to develop in Hawaii, it better be Hawaii born and locally raised Native Hawaiians that can face the people of Hawaii and answer the tough cultural, social, environmental and economic questions in any development."


Our Team

Māhealani Kamau


Māhealani is a Native Hawaiian, Full-time Māmā, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and Polynesian Entertainer who serves as Nā Koa's Real Estate Acquisitions manager. She lives by the principles of ALOHA. Akahai (modesty), Lōkahi (unity), 'Olu'olu (pleasantness), Ha'aha'a (humility), and Ahonui (patience).  Aloha fuels her passion to help people from all walks of life and especially to advocate for Native Hawaiian advancement through education and real estate.  She is grateful Nā Koa Development has opened this path for her to continue to pursue her passion.

"Live by aloha, visions by the collective, for the collective."

-Haiku by Māhealani

Susiele Koga Truong


Susiele is currently a full-time nursing student at Oregon Health and Science University, and also serves as one of the executive assistants for Nā Koa Development. Her passion is to serve the Native Hawaiian community in both the healthcare field and in real estate. With her B.S. in Public Health, she understands the importance of housing in Hawaiʻi and how it contributes to the health and well being of individuals and families. Na Koa Development has given her the opportunity to merge her knowledge of these two industries in her personal mission to help Native Hawaiians and the people of Hawaii live happier and healthier lives.

"We have to mālama our health
in order to mālama our wealth."

 - Susiele Koga Truong

Shanelle Torres


Shanelle is a full time māmā and wife. Born and raised on O'ahu. She has a passion for supporting, encouraging and helping people. She is grateful that Nā Koa Development is providing her with the opportunity to pursue her passion of helping people, especially the people of Hawai'i.

"Be someone who takes a different path than everyone else."

 - Shanelle Torres

Kauwilakalaokalani Kaina Papalauahi “K” Liufau 



“K” Liufau has over 20 years of experience pertaining to large- scale Federal and Private Sector projects. Mr. Liufau has been responsible for managing projects for Native Alaskan, Native American, Numerous Federal, State, and local agencies and clients throughout the United States and Internationally. Additionally, he has managed and developed new construction and retrofitting projects for the Federal, State and Private Detention Facilities throughout the United States. 

ʻAʻohe nui ka hana ke alu ʻia
No task is too big when done together by all