Department of Hawaiian Homelands

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If you were recently awarded a Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) lot, here's how we can help you build your home.

DHHL ʻĀina Hoʻopulapula
Digital Course

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DHHL ʻĀina Hoʻopulapula
Consulting Package

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DHHL ʻĀina Hoʻopulapula Course (Digital)


This digital course is for Hawaiian Homes Beneficiaries that have been awarded a Vacant Lot Offer by DHHL.  Through personal experience we recognized the need for an educational course to help people understand and navigate this process. This highlight video is the house blessing of Karl Noa Sr. the father of one of Na Koa Development's founders, Kahanu Noa. Mr. Noa Sr. went through the Vacant Lot Offer to obtain his home on Hawaiian Homelands in Kapolei, Hawaii.

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DHHL ʻĀina Hoʻopulapula Consulting Package

 We provide a Do-It-For-You service to help you through the Vacant Lot Offer process. Life can already be overwhelming with its many facets. If taking on the Vacant Lot Offer process on your own is too much for you, work with us and we will hold your hand from the beginning to end. This consulting package includes the DHHL Vacant Lot Offer Course.

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