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Our Mission is to build legacies through real estate.

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Our Focus at Nā Koa Development is to help solve Hawaii's affordable housing challenge and to help people build wealth through real estate investments.

Help Solve Hawaii's Affordable Housing Challenge

Nā Koa Development is a Cost-Plus Developer. Nā Koa Development strives to sell their properties at cost plus a minimal profit margin of 5-10%. Nā Koa Development's intention is as to sell properties at the cheapest price possible in order to make homeownership truly affordable. Unlike typical developers who want to keep costs down to make more profit, with every cost-saving made on a Nā Koa Development project, it will help decrease the purchase price for homebuyers.

Past Cost-Plus Development and 100% Native Hawaiian Transaction

This single family home in Waimea, Big Island was Na Koa Development's first cost-plus development. It was built and sold for $50,000 under market value. It provided the local first-time homebuyers a true affordable homeownership opportunity and instant equity. This article highlights the 100% Native Hawaiian transaction where every vendor and real estate professional involved was of Native Hawaiian descent.

Active and Upcoming Affordable Housing Developments

Koa Waena - A 500 single family development in Kihei, Maui.
Affordable Rentals - A 20-unit apartment building in Anahola, Kauai.
6-unit apartment building for Maui County's HOP participants in Wailuku, Maui.

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Help End the DHHL Waitlist

At Nā Koa Development we believe part of the solution to Hawaii's housing challenge is ending the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) waitlist. Approximately 28,000 Native Hawaiians remain on the list. By providing housing opportunities to this local market, it will help alleviate the demand on the open Hawaii market.

DHHL Vacant Lot Offer Course and Consulting

At Nā Koa Development we have created a digital course and a consulting program to help Native Hawaiians that have been awarded a Vacant Lot Offer by DHHL.

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Owner-Builder Consulting and Home Building

At Nā Koa Development we help people navigate the Pre-Construction and Construction process of building a new home. 

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Help People Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investments

After homeownership, Nā Koa Development exists to help people build wealth through real estate investments. At Na Koa Development we strive to be experts in our industry in order to provide the best value and guidance possible to our partners. We open our opportunities and teams to individuals and institutions to help build their financial wealth and legacies. 

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